Discover New Paths - The Invitation To Intimacy With God

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Step Into Something New

Are you ever tempted to take the easy route around a sticky situation? At times it has seemed like a good option for me. But I knew if I made the decision to do what was convenient and comfortable, I would regret it. Thankfully, I received wise counsel from friends who encouraged me to take the longer route and wait on God’s best.

The enemy doesn’t always set traps to make us feel uncomfortable. Sometimes the trap is to make us comfortable in places we should never settle down. We grow roots when we should be growing wings.

Not everything that entices us away from God’s perfect plan appears evil. Sometimes the trap is set in a way that appears neither good nor evil . . . but simply comfortable.

When I think of dangerous situations like this, my imagination drifts to the disciples on the stormy lake. While waves crashed, Jesus invited them to get out of the boat and walk on the water. I want to be like Peter, who was the only disciple to get out of the boat. It must have been frightening, but he took a chance and answered Jesus’ call. When we step into something new, we open ourselves up to wonders that we never would have experienced if we had stayed comfortably seated.

So take the risk: leap out of the boat and into the arms of the One who says, “Come.”

Father, give me the courage to leap into the supernatural.