Reclaiming The Peace Of God

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Peace Beyond Understanding 

It is much too often that our peace can become disturbed by a misunderstanding. We can have misunderstandings with our significant other, at work, in family and even with an uncommon neighbor. Yet, it is when we make things about us that shouldn’t concern us, it becomes a terrible burden. 

There is sometimes an indication deep down that we know that if we could stop trying to please everyone, stop trying to measure up, stop focusing on our short comings and flaws, and stop dwelling on rejection, life would be a lot more peaceful. There are not many who wouldn’t give anything to have a peace- filled life. This can be possible if we can only focus a little less on ourselves and a little more on God. The burdens on our shoulders would feel so much lighter. 

Yet the challenge is knowing how. Reclaiming the peace of God requires you to shift your focus off your own affairs, intellect and personal agenda and onto God. This is a lot easier said than done, but it is worth every sacrifice. As people with countless issues and brokenness, we unconsciously fix our gaze inwardly, making selfishness and vanity a tough cycle to break. God is willing and able to teach us how to reposition our eyes and focus our mind onto Him. It is in those moments that I realize my being here is bigger than me, that I find total peace. 

God’s peace transcends understanding and removes confusion of all sorts. His peace puts a safeguard over our minds and hearts as we continue through this journey of life.