Love Changes Everything By Micah Berteau

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Day One

What Love Are You Chasing?

We are all searching for something real. Something tangible that will add value and significance to our lives. Love is found down many roads, but it depends on what kind of love you are looking for. People all over the world will do crazy things to find love. But exactly what love are you chasing? 

When you know what you’re searching for, you can better understand why you do what you do. Is it a love full of feelings? Is it being loved and cherished by someone else that produces a profound sense of validation on your life? Is it temporary pleasure that gives you a sense of authentication, but just for a moment in time? What kind of love do you believe will bring sustaining significance to your being? 

The answers to these critical questions will show your ideals and convictions. They will expose the true intentions of your heart. And please, no more “following your heart.” Follow the Holy Spirit, not that thing in your chest. This will assist you in finding you. Your security cannot be founded upon a fake reality. 

There is fake everywhere we turn. We are offered fake brand-name items. The only reason we spend too much money on a knockoff is to make people think we can afford the real thing. It is a facade. The fake item is not made with the same quality; it will not last but will fall apart. Buying an imitation is more about wanting approval from others so we feel better about ourselves. However, those are fleeting feelings. Here today and gone tomorrow. 

Falling in love with fake will always leave you frustrated, especially when it comes to fake love. There are numerous kinds of fake love that will catch your eye and that you can pursue. But there is only one love that can radically and unapologetically tear down the filters of your heart and carry you until your last breath. There is only one love that can take away the urge to settle for anything less than all that you are called to be. There is only one love that can step into the darkest of nights and light up your whole life. There is only one love that violently repels fake. This love—real love—changes everything. 

What is the difference between love as a feeling and real love?