7 Days To Forgiveness

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Day Seven – Forgiveness Makes Everyone a Winner

Schedule a meeting with God and write out the list of debts the person(s) you need to forgive has accrued to you. Then have what we call a “canceling the record of debt.” Burn your list to remind yourself of the flames of hell from which Jesus saved you, or bury it to remind yourself that Jesus was buried for your sin.

As you forgive, imagine Jesus Christ getting up off His throne to cheer for you while the devil flees from you. As light casts out darkness, so forgiveness casts out the demonic.

Not only that, but forgiveness also makes the opportunity easier for the person who sinned against you to repent to God and you, because kindness leads to repentance. When you forgive others, you get out of the way and let God deal with them directly.

Think of the possibility that you could forgive someone right now, and Jesus would jump off His throne to celebrate like a rabid sports fan at a game with the angels joining in. Then the person who sinned against you one day repents, and Jesus jumps up to lead the angels in yet another all-out victory celebration, as everyone is a winner when there is forgiveness!

Was this plan helpful to you? It was adapted from our book Win Your War: For in the Realm You Don’t See For Freedom in the One You Do.