I’m In


You In?

Do you remember what it feels like to go all in?

Maybe you played your guts out on a field/court/mat/stage. Maybe you poured your soul and sweat into a significant project or job interview. Maybe it was tying the knot with the one you love. Maybe you went to battle for your health, your family, or a dream.

Whatever it was, you know the feeling. The grit. The passion. The fire. That raw and radical moment when your actions uncovered what was already happening in your heart.

Did you know that same choice—the choice to go all in (or not)—is one that’s still available to you today? It’s a gift that’s offered every morning when you open your eyes and dare to greet the sunrise.

Who will you choose to trust?

Who will you choose to serve?

Who will you choose to love?

Who will you choose to worship?

The fact that you’re currently reading these words—Day 1 of the I’m In Bible Plan—means you’re already considering how you can follow Jesus with everything in you. You’re not after an indifferent, lukewarm, half-hearted kind of faith, but the real stuff.

Today’s Scripture reading reminds us that we’re called to love God and people with everything we’ve got. We’ve also been empowered to go and take the good news of Jesus’ redeeming, scandalous love to the ends of the earth, starting with our very own homes.

But the first step toward living an all-in life requires a simple—even shaky—yes. A humble mustard-seed measure of faith planted in the dirt.

Listen …

You are invited.

You are invaluable.

You are influential.

You are invested.

So, what’s it gonna be?

Will you join the greatest mission on earth, or settle for watching from the sidelines? Will you dare to believe that God has created you with precise intention, rather than being just some cosmic accident floating around in space? Will you leverage the influence you’ve been given for His glory, or for your own? Will you shrink into the shadows of fear, or trust the One who gives you breath?

You get to choose.

You in?

Pray: God, I’m not totally sure what it means yet, but I’m in. I’m ready to fully give myself to Your work in my world. Amen. 

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