Life Of A Disciple Part 2: Prayer


Part Two, Week One - Beni Johnson

Prayer is a journey of joy - the joy of praying. 24 years ago, I (Beni) woke up one morning, and the Lord told me to carry joy in intercession, and I asked Him, “Is that possible?” You see, I had a grid as a child that intercessors were carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, forgetting that Jesus carried it for us as the Cross. That day, I began a journey to discover what God meant by carrying joy in prayer. 

I believe the most effective, joy-filled prayers come from a place of communion with Him, and we have to have that deep well with Him to pray from heaven. God is calling us into this Psalm 86:11 kind of a relationship, where we know His heart, understand His plans and nature as good, fix our eyes on what He is doing - not what the devil is doing - and lean into the presence that has within it the fullness of joy! Your prayers should end in joy - because you know what God is doing. 

There are three realms of heaven (2 Cor 12) - the physical (what we can see happening), the angelic and demonic realm (where the angels are, and where spiritual battle takes place), and the glory realm (which we access through worship). When we spend time worshipping - in His presence, in communion with Him - and we see what heaven is doing, we can pray from the victory already won on the Cross. He has a plan, and is just waiting for us to partner with Him!

So, today, ask yourself the following:

  1. Are your prayers from a place of joy or discouragement? How can you realign with joy? 
  2. How are you spending time communing with God? 
  3. What does the victory of the Cross mean in your circumstances and in the world today? 
  4. How are you partnering with what God is doing today? 


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