Purpose In The Pit


We know Benaiah was a valiant warrior, who did many heroic deeds, including killing giants.  He was such a legend that the Bible tells this particular story almost as an afterthought.   This reads like an ordinary day for him.  

But this ordinary day sure seems like a bad day.   It was snowy.  The mountain was icy and slippery and, if that's not enough of a headache, there was a lion.

The Bible speaks of Satan as a lion who prowls about seeking who he may devour and Benaiah was certainly one of those that Satan would like to take out.  One of the top three of the top thirty warriors in David's army, he was a true threat.

And on this day, the devil cornered Benaiah on a slippery slope.

It says that Benaiah chased the lion down into the pit.  I find it most interesting that he did.  I mean, once the lion was in the pit, the threat was gone.  He's not getting out, at least not until the weather improves and the slippery ice melts.  

But Benaiah was not one to let things go, especially an enemy.  Especially something that was trying to destroy him.

So he bravely jumped into the pit to finish the attack off.  For good.  Once and for all.  

The Devil brings struggles, temptations, and just plain mess into our lives.. trying to destroy us.  

We can run from him.  That's not what Benaiah did.

We can chase him until he lands in a pit, a temporary fix,  and hope we don't face him another day.  That's not what Benaiah did.

Or we can face the pain, face the struggle, face the sin and defeat it all.  Not on our own, but with  Jesus and His power that lives in us.  His power that He shed His blood to give us.

Once and for all!  It is finished now.  

That's what Benaiah did.  

Be like Benaiah.  Don't fall into the pit of ignoring things and hoping they just go away,  No matter what your lion is, addiction, debt, health issues, marriage problems, whatever is threatening you today, take steps to tackle and defeat it.  Because of God's great love for you, you are more than a conqueror.    You are an overcomer and as valiant as Benaiah