The Jesus Principles

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DAY ONE: You Too Can Leave Behind a Legacy

Jesus told His disciples that the only way to find one’s life is to lose it—that life was only worth living if one is willing to die for something greater than one’s self.

This was only one of the many countercultural teachings of Jesus. His teachings are as controversial today in our American culture as they were to first-century Jewish culture. Yet in the face of great opposition Jesus was able to take twelve men and create the largest, most influential movement the world has ever seen. He lived an extraordinary life and left behind an eternal legacy through His disciples.

True influence should increase through the lives of those we pour into, even after we pass away. Our greatest example of this is of course Jesus, whose followers did greater works than He did after His resurrection and ascension.

This plan is an invitation to join me on a journey to release your purpose through the principles of Jesus. Your full potential includes unleashing greatness in your friends and family, thereby leaving a legacy for all future generations. We can do this by following the principles that Jesus used to unleash human potential and turn the world upside down.