Networking Kills: Success Through Serving

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The key to finding success in life or a meaningful career isn't about who you know, but how you serve. So many people say they want to make a difference and be successful along the way, but they ultimately get bogged down and veer off track by chasing inauthentic relationships, obsessively collecting social media “likes,” and narcissistically building their “brand” and “story.” There is a better way, and that way is approaching your life and career with the heart of a servant—putting other people first and building relationships with no strings attached. 

To experience true success and fulfillment, and in an effort to obey God, this lens of serving must become the basis for all of our daily decision-making and our major life assignments. Serving attracts us to, and is attractive to others, when people can sense you genuinely care—then walls come down and true relationships form. And that is more powerful than any business card exchange, forced cocktail hour conversation or Instagram follow. 

That is how you can truly make a difference in the world—one person at a time. In this devotional, you will learn how you can change the world by: making yourself available instead of visible, giving instead of taking, and losing yourself instead of finding yourself.


Describe how Jesus redefines success in the most famous speech in history, Matthew 5. How does one begin to achieve the success (or blessedness) Jesus describes? What does it mean or look like to be successful (or blessed)— independent of and regardless of our circumstances?