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DAVID - Part 1

Have you ever felt you can’t rise up to the challenge because of your age? Maybe people around have expressed things like: “he’s just a kid”, “he’s too old”, or “she doesn’t have what it takes”. That was certainly David’s case. He was “just” a shepherd boy, “just” a teenager. His older brothers were doing more important stuff: they were either enrolled in the army or in charge of their father’s business, whereas David was “just” taking care of the sheep.

He probably felt left-behind, discarded, forsaken. However, he had the right heart for God. He constantly placed his trust and hope in God. He would faithfully do what he was supposed to, even when no one was looking. God saw that. And that’s all that was needed. 

When God sent Samuel to anoint the next King of Israel, David’s father thought of all his older sons first, and considered them for the wrong criteria: age, height, intelligence, strength. But God was not looking for people with those traits. He was looking for the underdog, for the person who, in spite of their shortcomings, would rely upon Him and His strength. That was David, the underdog. God used him in mighty ways. And that can be you too!


Father, I thank you because age is not an obstacle for You to use me. I can be too young or too old for worldly standards, but you see beyond a person’s age. You see the heart. Help me develop the right heart for You. Amen.