How To Love Reading The Bible

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Step 1: Pray About it

I understand how frustrating it is to realize that something is essential and crucial for your well-being, while still facing the difficulty of not liking it or simply not knowing how to do it. We all know that exercising is vital if we want to have a healthy body, but for some people going to the gym is a pleasure while others find it boring and unpleasant. Some people find it is really easy to follow a healthy diet, while others struggle every single day. Nobody is perfect. 

And when it comes to healthy spiritual habits, some struggle with praying, others with controlling their thoughts and attitudes, and others, well, with reading the Bible. These struggle not because they do not want to—they understand how important and fundamental it is for their spiritual life—yet, they just do not like reading at all. 

In my life, I have found that step one in everything is prayer. Start by talking to God and telling him about your struggle with reading. Tell God that you really want to know him more. Tell him that you are interested in discovering everything he has designed and intended for you in this world and in the one that is to come. Ask him to speak to you; he already knows that you are struggling with reading his Word, and he will help you find a way through. Trust him in the process. 

I encourage you to be open to discovering new, exciting ways through which you will be able to start to love reading the Bible. Fortunately, nowadays, we have different ways and aids for Bible reading. Our purpose in these devotional days is to give you practical steps and tips that you can explore until you discover the ones that work best for you. 

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