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The ChaseSample

The Chase

DAY 1 OF 15

In Jesus’ day, a first century tax collector would fall into the category of people that often were left out, looked down on, or disliked. They were seen as traitors—men who were loyal to Rome over their own people, ready to sell out their friends and family to get rich quick. 

But here, Jesus doesn’t turn away from the tax collector like everyone else might have. Instead, He calls out for him to follow. And it’s the same call Jesus is giving to all of us! 

Do you feel left out and isolated? Do you feel unloved and disowned? This week, think about how God is calling you to follow Him. He wants you to be with Him no matter who you are or where you come from. This call isn’t just for Levi. It’s for you, too!


About this Plan

The Chase

We’re all chasing something in high school. In this 15-day high school devotional, we’ll find out what it looks like to chase...


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