Seeing Angels

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Releasing Angels through Prayer  

It’s vital for you to realize how important your prayers are to God. When you pray, God sends His angels in response to the words you speak. This is exactly what happened in Daniel 10:12. The angel Gabriel told Daniel that he had been sent to him on behalf of the prayers the prophet had offered to the Lord. 

Your prayers of healing have the ability to touch heaven and dispatch healing angels to earth on divine assignments. We can find abundant scriptural precedent for this throughout the Bible. Consider these instances for example: 

  • · When Abraham interceded in prayer, two angels were released to go to Sodom in order to save Lot and his family. (Genesis 18:22–33; 19:1–25)

  • · Moses prayed and an angel stood between the army of Egypt and the children of Israel, bringing great deliverance for God’s chosen people. (Exodus 14:15–20)

  • · King Hezekiah prayed to the Lord for help, and God responded by sending His angel to kill 185,000 enemy soldiers. (2 Kings 19:15–19, 35–37)

  • · After Jesus prayed on the Mount of Olives, an angel from heaven appeared and strengthened Him during His time of need. (Luke 22:41–43)

  • · When Cornelius prayed, an angel was sent to his home, bringing a divine connection to Spirit-birthed revelation that resulted in the salvation of his household. (Acts 10)

  • · Believers prayed for Peter’s release from prison and God responded by sending an angel to bring supernatural deliverance. (Acts 12:5–11) 

In each of these instances, prayers were offered to God, not to angels. But the result was that God chose to loose His angels in response to these prayers. This is one of the ways in which God accomplishes His purposes in the earth. When we pray for healing, we should expect healing angels to show up, bringing God’s miracles with them.