Purpose And Progress

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When you’re avoiding doing something, there is a reason behind it. You may be avoiding making that doctor’s appointment for fear of the results of a recent test. You may avoid the gym because you’re scared of how losing 100 pounds will affect your relationships. You may avoid looking at your bills because you’re scared to see how much debt you’re really in. You could also be avoiding putting in 100% of the work because you’re scared of how successful you’ll be. You’d be amazed at the many ways in which avoidance has us bound.

If you’re in avoidance because of fear of the outcome, know this: God will never leave you nor forsake you. I know that it doesn’t feel that way and the world tries to make the Word of God of no effect, but it’s true. Go boldly into whatever you’re attempting to avoid knowing that God is with you in the good and the bad. Yes I said bad, we’re not exempt from it. But we have the Holy Spirit that partners with us through it all. I promise.