The Art Of Neighboring: Week Three

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Scripture teaches us that we can love others because God loves us. We know that God’s character is infinitely loving, and that we get to imitate that character in practical, particular ways. The decision to love others can be costly. It often means we have to give up something we treasure—our comfort, our sense of security, our independence. When it comes to loving our neighbor down the street, it can be downright scary.

God’s Word reminds us of why we don’t have to be afraid to cross boundaries. As you meditate on Scripture this week, remember that God’s children have his Spirit living in them and empowering them. Take courage.


Lord Jesus, help me to understand your words and follow your example.


The forgiveness and love of Jesus shatters social boundaries and conventional behavior.

Luke 7:36-50


The woman in this story responded to Christ’s love with a lavish, bold gesture. We can respond to Christ’s love by loving our neighbor boldly and generously. 


When you imagine reaching out to your neighbor with a loving gesture, what intimidates you? Talk with a trusted friend about how to appropriately love people you don’t know that well, and ask God for courage to follow through with your ideas.