I Have Questions - Anxiety

Day 1 of 5 • This day’s reading


Have you ever had a rough day that was turned around when someone said something nice to you? It probably lifted your spirits and made your day just a little bit better, didn’t it? That’s because words are powerful. And while we’ve all been on the receiving end of negative words, in today’s verse, Solomon reminds us how we can use our words for the good of others. 

Kind words are like a lifeline that we can throw out to friends who might be weighed down or discouraged by things like anxiety, stress, or worry. 

A compliment, an encouraging text, or even an encouraging Instagram comment has the power to cheer someone up. It has the power to change the course of someone’s entire day! 

In a world where tearing people down is the norm, life-giving words can make more of a difference than we sometimes realize. So what if it started with you? 

Who’s one person you know—maybe someone dealing with a lot of stress, anxiety, or pressure right now—who could benefit from the encouraging power of a kind word? Today, choose to make a positive difference with your words by taking a step to encourage that person. Write them a note, send them a text, or use social media to build them up!