Bloom: Fresh Devotionals For Girls Part Three

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Planted in Your Heart

Did you know that God gives each of His kids certain spiritual gifts?

Spiritual gifts are discussed throughout the New Testament. These "gifts" are different skills, abilities, and passions that are planted in the heart of every believer in order to build up the Kingdom of God.

What are you are good at? Do you like helping people behind the scenes, but not necessarily being out in front of everyone? Or can you sing, dance, or do drama and don’t mind being in front of people? Perhaps you are good at organizing your room, or you like planning parties with your mom.

Take a few moments and list some things that you are good at in a journal, on a piece of paper, or in the notes section on your phone.

Ask your parent or Sunday school teacher to look at your list with you and ask how you can start serving in the Church. Maybe you can take attendance for your class or help straighten chairs before or after a service. Maybe you can help alongside your mom in the nursery (especially if you already have younger siblings) or help stuff eggs at Easter. There are lots of ways you can serve! 

Still haven’t figured out what your gifts are? That’s okay! God may still be growing seeds in you that haven’t bloomed yet. He will make it clear in time.

God often uses the interests and skills He has given you to grow into passions that lead you to his will. Maybe you love to travel, and that will grow into missionary work. Maybe you love taking care of people, and that will lead to you being a doctor or a nurse. Maybe you love being around little kids, and that will lead to you being a teacher. Maybe you love coming up with new ideas, and that will lead to you owning your own business. With how fast technology is developing, there’s also a good chance that your future job hasn’t even been invented yet.

Whatever the gifts and passions God has planted in your heart, remember that it all should be done for Him, for His glory.

Pray this with me:

Dear Jesus, I thank you for the passions and skills you have planted in my heart, some of which haven’t even bloomed yet. I am so excited to see what they are! As I continue to grow in you, help my heart to be open and my ears to be listening for what you want to do in my life. It’s all for your glory! In Jesus’ name, Amen.