21 Days of Rightful Relationships


Day 1 – Ask the Holy Spirit to Lead You

Oftentimes we journey this life, packaged with past hurts, habits and familiar spirits and as a result we obtain the same results. Finally being aware of this, I decided to unpack my baggage and begin to allow the Holy Spirit to lead me in the direction God required of me. During this process, the Holy Spirit began to instruct me to live outside my comfort zone and I began to unlearn all wrongful thoughts and learn what God wanted me to know.

Not only ask but listen
If you have been coming up short in the area of relationships, begin to ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in this area. Read Isaiah 30:21. It tells us we have the ability to hear distinctly from God and He will tell us to go left or go right. The Word also tells us wherever God has instructed us to go, He will travel before us and make the crooked places straight. Isn’t that awesome? If you are fearful about moving in a direction God has given you, there is no need to fear. God has already gone before you and prepared the place He has called you to be.

The Holy Spirit will reveal His plans
Not only will God tells us which direction to take, but He will reveal His plan to us regarding relationships if we ask. As our scripture reading reveals, it tells us the Spirit of Truth will continue to guide and reveal things to come. How awesome is that? Not only will God guide us but He will not allow us to be in the dark concerning His will for our lives. However, the key is - to get out of “autopilot” mode and allow the Spirit to be your guide.

From the book 21 Days of Rightful Relationships by Kemberley Washington. Copyright © 2015 by Kemberley Washington. Published by 21daysof.com. All rights reserved.