Beauty On Purpose

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I used to feel so bad for loving something as frivolous as beauty and fashion. Although I was relied upon, in my family, to help with makeup looks and pick out outfits for nights out, someone always commented on how much makeup I bought or how many clothes I had in my closet. It left me with a complex. I always thought maybe I should be doing something better with my time and my money. Why invest in something so worldly?

As an adult, I’ve realized that there is a special anointing on master stylists in all areas of beauty and fashion. It’s not frivolous at all, rather an art form that is desperately necessary. If you’ve ever been in the room when a woman is revealed to a new makeup look, a new haircut or a fitted look that has been custom suited to her for the first time, then you know what I mean. Beauty does have its purpose. It helps and it heals…in its right form. 

Where we’ve gone wrong in the industry is to make perfection the goal. There is no perfect body. There is no perfect face. There is no perfect skin. We’re imperfectly perfect. A little lower than the angels, as the bible states. We live in this earthen vessel to praise God and love him with all that we are. Beauty is our expression of His creative power in us. Let’s make the world a more beautiful place to exist.