Group Launch


Do you feel alone? Do you feel like everyone is just going through life at their own pace, and you have been left behind? Maybe you really are alone. Maybe you are single, have little family, or don’t really click with your coworkers or classmates. Many of us reminisce about the good ole days of high school or college when we had 2 or 3 people that were our best friends. But over time, our friend circle slowly dwindled, became less of a priority, and we became swamped in other areas of our life. 

We were created for community. We were created to have relationship with one another. Solomon, the wisest king in the history of the world came face to face with the same problems we face today. He had the wealth, the nice house, the beautiful spouse, the extravagant hobbies, and he threw the most incredible parties. But he was lonely. He was frustrated. He was struggling desperately, and nobody around him knew it. He writes, “If one person falls down, is there anyone there to pick him up?” Do you have a person or a group of people around you to help you when life doesn’t work out the way you expect? 


Have you ever been in a group together? What was it like?

When have you experienced this truth of “two are better than one” in your life? 

When have you experienced the despair of “pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up”?