True North: Leading Your Family Spiritually

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Working in men’s ministry and in pastoral counseling, I have had the opportunity of speaking with lots of men. One of the things I always ask is: “Do you believe you are the Spiritual Leader of your home?”. Less than half of the men respond yes, while more than half lower their heads and divert their eyes. When asked further, those men will say things like, “my wife is the spiritual leader” or “I know I should be, but I don’t know how.”

I’ve got some news for you. You absolutely are the spiritual leader of your home! As the husband, and father of your home, you are the spiritual leader because God ordained it. We often think that the spiritual leader is the godliest spouse and/or parent. It doesn’t mean that at all. Men, the question isn’t if you are the spiritual leader or not. The question is… Have you been leading your family?

If your wife is the only one taking your children to church while you go fishing, you may be unintentionally leading your family to believe the church isn’t important. If you are not praying with your family, you could be leading them to believe that prayer isn’t valuable. What are you leading your family to believe?

Question: How have you been leading your family spiritually? Are you ready to fully step into the role of becoming the Spiritual Leader of your home?