Obedience: A Study In Deuteronomy


What does it say?

Moses spoke to the people of Israel, recapping their exodus from Egypt and rebellion against God.

What does it mean?

The Israelites needed to be reminded of how their rebellion affected their path toward the Promised Land. By not trusting God and not allowing His presence to be their guide, they delayed being given the land God had promised. Moses knew he would not be going with them into the Promised Land. So, he used this last opportunity to speak to the people about what they had been through in the hope they would learn from it. Only then could they move forward properly.

How should I respond?

No one likes to be reminded of past failures. Messing up is bad enough when it happens. The last thing we want to do is rehash the details. But sometimes it’s necessary if we hope to learn from our mistakes and not repeat them. Just as the Israelites missed out on the blessing of God, we too will miss out on what God has for us if we continue to demand our own way. What mistakes have you made? How can you use these past mistakes to help with future decisions and actions? Sometimes, we have to recall the past before we can move forward.