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Holiness: A Study In LeviticusSample

Holiness: A Study In Leviticus

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What does it say?

The priest sacrificed a burnt offering of dedication and devotion on behalf of the worshipper. The aroma was pleasing to the Lord.

What does it mean?

Leviticus is a manual for how the priests from the tribe of Levi were to help the Israelites approach God in worship. God is holy and people are sinful. A blood sacrifice is required for sinful people to enter the presence of a holy God (Heb. 9:22.) God graciously allowed the transference of sin from the worshipper to the animal. The Israelites willingly chose to place their hands on the head of the animal, symbolically claiming it as their substitute. In order to represent total dedication to the Lord, fire consumed the entire animal in the burnt offering. God is pleased when His people voluntarily express their commitment and total surrender to Him.

How should I respond?

The ceremonial sacrifices of the Old Testament were rich with meaning, pointing worshippers of that day to God’s future and perfect sacrifice—Jesus Christ. Just like the Israelites, you are responsible for your sin. On what basis do you approach God? Have you chosen Jesus as both the sacrifice for your sin and the peacemaker between you and God? As a follower of Christ, determine to express your devotion to Him today by complete surrender of your thoughts, attitudes, and actions to His will. 

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About this Plan

Holiness: A Study In Leviticus

Although often overlooked and ignored, the book of Leviticus is filled with God's gracious and merciful provisions for his people. Through sacrifice and ritual, God enabled his sinful people to dwell in his holy presence...


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