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Galatians 1 | Manifesto of Grace


How does it happen? How does a vibrant church fall into dead religiosity? How does sweet freedom in Christ fall into joyless, judgmental rules and rituals? It happened in Galatia. A church that started off so well had deserted the grace of Christ and turned to a different gospel. These were faith-filled Christians – but they were leaving Jesus for a fake – and trading in the true gospel for a lie. So here in his letter to the Galatians, Paul delivers the antidote for dead religion – and the antidote is grace. Grace is amazing – truly. Grace basically means gift – as in don’t pay for it, don’t deserve it – just a gift because someone loves you. Grace is God’s love without earning it. Grace is God’s peace without deserving it. Grace is God’s forgiveness without groveling for it. In God’s grace is the truest of all freedom, and Galatians is a manifesto of grace.

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