How To Have God Ideas


What Are God Ideas?

Many of us have ideas for how we think our family should function or what our life ought to look like. Some of us have ideas for business start-ups, career paths, new ministry opportunities, or new ways to impact our communities. Oftentimes, the problem we have is not a lack of ideas. The problem is that ideas don’t always turn out the way we thought they would.

Apart from building a time machine and traveling to the future, how are we supposed to know the best path to take? We can pray about it—absolutely. But have you ever gotten to the point where you wish Jesus would suddenly appear in the room and answer all the questions weighing on your mind?

If God has endless stores of wisdom, and we’ve got endless decisions to make, is there a way to find out what God thinks about our circumstances and to know what direction He wants us to take? You’ve probably guessed the answer—yes. In fact, I believe the Word of God gives us clear guidance in how to have God ideas instead of just good ideas.

The word idea has an expansive meaning in the English language. It can refer to thoughts or plans, concepts and philosophic notions, or opinions and beliefs. No matter what kind of ideas we have, they are all connected by one central processor: our minds. So, when I talk about having God ideas, I’m really talking about allowing God to change the way we think, or in biblical terms, renewing our minds.

God ideas aren’t just ideas that merely seem godly to us. I’m referring to thoughts that actually align with God’s will and purpose. If we’re aiming our lives away from God’s purposes, even if our intentions seem good to us, we’re not going to like the outcome. But thankfully, the opposite is also true.

I want to learn to think in line with the Creator. I want Him to be the one crafting my thoughts. The plan I desire to follow starts with God going ahead of me and making a way. It ends with God Himself seeing it through. I don’t want to base my life on any old idea. I want God to shape my ideas because I want Him to shape my life.