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Is Church Important?Sample

Is Church Important?

DAY 1 OF 5

What Is Church? And Do I Have to Go?

Well, hello there! I’m your Bible Plan. We’re about to spend six days together asking questions about church. I think you’ll find some great ideas to think about. And I hope you’ll end up loving church as much as I do. But … I don’t mean to get ahead of myself. 

First of all, what is church? 

Like, is it a place we go? Does it only count if it has a pointy steeple with a cross on top? Does it have to have stained-glass windows? And do I have to go there? 

Okay, the answers. Yes (but it’s more than that, too). No. And No. And yes (but probably not for the reasons you were thinking—more like yes because you’ll love the Church so much you’ll want to go there so much it will feel like you have to get yourself there). 

Are you all good now? Hmm. Seems like you still have questions and are thirsty for more. Okay. Watch this video. 

Yeah. She said it better than I was trying to say it. You don’t have to go to church for Jesus to forgive you and offer you an eternity in Heaven with Him. But, we are God’s Church. We gather together because we know God asked us to, and because we love doing whatever He asks of us! (Notice the capital C? That means I’m talking about the whole Church which is everyone who trusts and follows Jesus, not just the local church which is made up of smaller groups of the whole Church.) 

If you’re a follower of Jesus, you are the Church. Pretty amazing, right? Next time, we’ll dive into another big question: Does church matter? It’s a big answer, but I think you’re ready for it. See you soon! 

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Is Church Important?

Why do we go to church? What is church? Does church matter? Should I serve at my church? What’s the future of the Church? You’re growing up, and you’ve got questions about your faith. This five-day Bible Plan will help y...


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