Living Room Reset w/Kirk Cameron

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I know what you’re thinking… “I have no idea what a Living Room Reset is” but yet you found yourself intrigued enough to start this plan. I can’t wait to spend the next five days with you, taking a glance at what a Living Room Reset is, how it can transform your marriage and your family, and sharing why I’ve decided to take a large portion of my year traveling the nation talking about it. 

Let me start by saying that family is meant to come together and rally, both in good times and in tough times. Think about it-the living room in all of our homes is a place where important moments are shared. The “we’re having a baby” moments, the heart-breaking “Grandma has passed away” moments, and the two-hundredth ballerina dance-show your little princess put on. All of these often take place in the living room...or at least they used to. 

The 21st-century family has largely forgotten about the living room we once knew. The quiet family time in the living room has been replaced by that epic surround sound system, and the focused attention we used to give each other has been given away to Netflix. Don’t get me wrong, I think flat-screen TVs and testosterone-fueled audio systems are God’s way of telling every man on earth that He loves him, but has it actually taken more from our families than we realize? 

A “Living Room Reset” has two parts;  a personal reset and a family reset. 

Some signs that you may need a personal reset are when: You you wake up in the morning and don’t want to get out of bed, exhausted, fearing you don’t have the resources to make it through the day. When your plate is full, and your heart is empty. A personal reset is definitely needed when you have private struggles in your life and you sense the ticking time-bomb that could destroy your marriage and everything you’ve worked so hard for. And the worst part is knowing that the ones who will likely be hurt the most by your poor choices are your kids. ”Lord, help me with MY choices, MY  attitudes, and MY reactions.”- that’s a personal reset.

Once a personal reset is underway, it’s time to start looking at a family reset. A family reset is that moment when you dust off the proverbial living room sofa, gather the family and simply talk- about how the family is doing. About challenges, struggles, progress and victories in your relationships, finances, your home, your health, and anything else you want to talk about 

This year, as I’ve toured the nation on the Living Room Reset tour, some have said, “Everything is going great...we don’t really need a reset.” But this misses the point of what a Living Room Reset is all about! It’s spending time together when things are going great and when life is challenging consistently doing life together. That way, when trouble comes to your family,  you’re set up to be able to handle whatever comes your way.

Now that we have a general idea of what a Living Room Reset is, we’ll be able to hit the ground running from here and get closer and closer to having epic Living Room Resets in our homes. Also, there’s some great video content for all future days in this plan; I hope you enjoy!

Live It Out: this section will be found at the end of each day. Remember, a “Living Room Reset” is an action, not just a phrase, so take this section seriously and do everything you can to live it out THAT DAY. For today, simply begin to prepare your heart for what lies ahead in this plan. Think about including your spouse on this plan and do it together. Whether together or alone, pray the Lord shows you exactly what He wants you to see.