Attitude Of Expectancy

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We have to choose our attitude on a daily basis.

When someone says “you have an attitude” typically what they mean is your attitude is negative. Often attitude is one of those things that only gets brought up when it’s an issue. The word “attitude” has a negative connotation, but it isn’t necessarily negative.

In reality, you always have an attitude. Every second of every day, you have an attitude. In fact, not only do you have an attitude, but you are the one who makes the choice on whether or not to change that attitude. We just don’t often bring it up unless it is a problem. Ultimately, your attitude is going to be either positive, negative, or neutral.

The choice is yours.

Choosing our attitude starts with choosing your words. It starts with making the decision to speak life over death. If all you’re putting out is negativity, then that’s all that you’re going to get. Your attitude may seem trivial at times, but your attitude is something that is going to shift you into a specific direction, and that direction is where you’re going to go. Speaking life over death will change your perspective, which changes your attitude.

If you have a pessimistic outlook on the world, and a negative attitude, then negativity is all that you are going to attract. If you are expecting to succeed or expecting to fail, then you probably will. Having an attitude of expectancy means that you are unwilling to let your losses affect your expectancy to win.

You can’t go by yesterday’s results TODAY!

Your attitude is the only thing in life that you can control 100% of the time. You won’t always be able to control your circumstances. You won’t always be able to change your situation. But you can always make the final decision on how these circumstances and situations will affect your attitude.

Use your attitude to your advantage. Expect great things, and great things will come.

- David Villa, Founder & CEO