What About Dating?

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Trust God

Let’s face it. We’ve all made some dating mistakes in the past. 

Now, whether you are on a quest for that special someone, you’re already in a committed relationship, or, you’re trying to make a decision that involves your future mate, you probably want to get it right this time. 

You know the Bible offers guidance on—well, pretty much everything. 

But dating??

Even though the word “dating” doesn’t actually appear in the Bible, there’s a LOT of relational advice that can be gleaned from God’s guide for life.

It all begins with trusting him. His plan. His purpose for you. And the reality that he longs for you to be close to him … and he has designed you to be close with others, too. Then, it’s about doing the right thing—for yourself, and your partner.

So why not lean on the Lord for guidance on your relationship adventure? Why not take trusting him to the next level? Why not see what he has in store for you when you surrender yourself, your partner, and everything in-between—to him?

He won’t disappoint you.


Father, help me to trust your design for all things—including relationships. Right now, I need you to guide me in my dating decisions. Help me see the benefits of following your plan. Thank you. 

This psalm celebrates the wisdom and beauty of God’s truth. 


Psalm 19:7-11


What do you learn about the nature of God’s Word in these verses? Can you find six attributes of God’s law and the benefits they yield? How could they impact your relationship with a significant other?


Choose today to trust God in all things. Ask him to guide you toward a closer relationship with him and a closer relationship with your special someone.  


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