Seven Days To “The Intimacy You Crave” Bible Plan

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Love Your Body

We are going to talk about intimacy. More specifically we are going to talk about sex. Does talking about sex bring uneasy feelings to the surface? Straight up, it does for me. But if you’re a Christian, and you’re a married woman, don’t you think sex needs to be on the table? God talks about sex, and that means we can talk about it too. 

One of our greatest hindrances to amazing “intimacy” can be our body image. Sister, I have body image issues, do you? We need to learn to put those aside and allow the magic to happen, but how? With God’s help all things are possible, right? 

Let’s start at the beginning…

God formed you.

I know you’ve heard that over and over.

Let it sink in. 

God made you just the way you are, for His glory and His use.

God made you and said, “It was very good” (Genesis 1:31). 

Be kind to yourself and stop beating yourself up over the parts of your body you don’t like. 

Let’s talk about Eve…

The Bible doesn’t give us specifics as to how Eve looked when God fashioned her. Knowing His creation so well, God probably excluded this information from His Word on purpose. He knew all of us women would compare ourselves to Eve if she’d been described. Have you ever thought about what Eve looked like naked? Maybe she was round and curvy? If you are like me, you picture what you consider the ideal woman’s physique and then give it straight to Eve. But what if Eve looked like you? You don’t know that she didn’t. Try giving Eve your body in your mind and see what happens. 

Try this approach for your next “shrimpin’ the barbie”—yes, that was a euphemism for sex— occasion: When you are alone with your husband and the clothes start flying, no one is there but the two of you. Just like Adam and Eve. Eve was all Adam had, and you are all your husband has. So let him have it. All of it! 

It’s time we put away any body image issues when we put away our clothes. It’s just the two of you, so cancel out anything else and indulge.

So what? When the clothes come off and the light goes dim, make the choice to love what God gave you.

Dear God, help me put aside whatever body image issues I have and fully embrace the intimacy you designed for me.