Divine Restoration // Step Into Your Divine Role

Divine Restoration // Step Into Your Divine Role

DAY 1 OF 5

Restoring the Kingdom

I am not such a mystery that you can’t find me. Where do you want to go today? What do you want to do? Are you confident in your own opinions? Have you owned the truth that I am in you, right now? That we can collaborate? Where I go . . . where you go . .. we go too. 

You are not alone. You are not alone. Just like I am never alone, my Jesus and my God with me always, you can always be guided. You can always be helped. This day, with my power in you, can be so different, if you want it to be. But not different because my guidance will give you what you think you want. It will be different because your turning to Me with your desires will show you that you are limited in your thinking. Push deeper. Push wider. Push farther. I have so much more for you—beyond what your eyes can see and your hands can touch. Do you want me to show you . . . right now? 

This world needs to be restored. And you, with Me, are the restorer. Do you want to pray heaven down? Do you want my will to be done on earth as it is in heaven? Then work with Me. Move mountains with Me. Surrender your limited imagination—your small, small faith. Let me replace it with mine. 

I give you a new way of thinking of perceiving, of being. Your mindset right now is too limited. Let’s revamp it. Let’s expand it. Let’s clear through the clutter of doubt and second-guessing and regret. With Me all things are possible. With Me all things can be restored. What are you holding onto that your fear and doubt have made your faith so, so small?

I want to trust you with more. I want to give you more. More of Me. More of my power in you. I want you to walk with me, expect Me, look for Me and see where I am. Why, why do you trust me so little? Try Me. Listen for Me. Watch my goodness change you and flood through every part of your mind, your life, your home. Do not forget that your strength lies in the breaking down of walls for other people, and in your own life, so that new structures of hope and healing can be built.

Why wait for heaven to come when it is here, right here, waiting for you ? Why not be impatient for change, eager for hope to turn all things new? I am here. I am here. All I have is available to you. All I have is yours. All I am is in you. All my love. All my power. All my goodness. All my kindness. All my strength. I adore you. I adore this world. I fight for it—have fought for it—and I want you to stand with Me, claim the role you are meant to play with Me, as the restorer. I ask you to play the role you are made to play. 

Do you want to know what a restorer does? It takes what is hiding, what is broken, what is tired and desperate and weak, and it brings it back to life. It takes hold of what has been forgotten and it shines on it the truth of light. It gives light, it gives hope. It gives strength. It gives a new way of being—an existence, a truth, that had been forgotten. The restorer brings it back. It makes things beautiful again. 

Come, here; let’s do this together. Let’s restore hearts and minds and bodies and dreams, Let’s restore families and relationships. Let’s restore this aching, desperate, hurting world. And let’s start with you. For you can believe in the way I see.


Our default position is often, “What can I do?” Looking at all the pain in the world, we think, “What difference can I make?” And this position is understandable until we consider this: The most powerful force in the world dwells within us, and that force is a person, and that person has chosen us and called us to be part of the most important work in the world.

So here is the truth: you can change the world because you are not alone . . . because Jesus has come . . . because Holy Spirit empowers you to make a difference, one act of faith at a time.

In the message you just read, Holy Spirit says, “This world needs to be restored. And you, with Me, are the restorer.” “Do you want to pray heaven down?,” He asked. “Do you want my will to be done on earth as it is in heaven? Then work with Me. Move mountains with Me.”

Do you believe, really believe, you can move mountains—emotional, psychological, even physical obstacles? Things that are immense and intimidating and impossible? Do you believe you carry God’s power in you? Do you believe that you carry within yourself, right now, the very same power that raised Jesus from the dead?

Here are the words of John the Apostle: “You see, every child of God overcomes the world, for our faith is the victorious power that triumphs over the world.” That’s from 1 John chapter 5.

God’s love in us enables us to do the impossible. To restore what’s been broken in this world—broken hearts, broken relationships, broken homes. All it takes is a partnership: His grace partnered with our obedience. Loads and loads of grace partnered our small acts of faith. Our small acts in the opposite of what culture and our weak flesh want us to do.

But for us to be able to partner with Holy Spirit best in this work of restoring the world, we first need to let Him restore us. He said, right now, our mindset is too limited, our dreams too small. So He invites us to let Him “clear through the clutter of doubt and second-guessing and regret.”

He’ll come, if we let Him, and He’ll restore the things that are broken in your life—so that you you can move into deeper relationship with Him, into deeper union—and so that you can join Him in His work.

Do you believe that Jesus will come for you? . . . . in your particular situation? . . . in your relationships? . . . in your job? . . . in your finances? . . . in your doubt?

In the message you just read, Holy Spirit asks us this question: “What are you holding onto that your fear and doubt have made your faith so, so small?”

Let’s approach that same question from a slightly different angle, and let’s ask our Jesus this: What are the lies I’m believing about You or about Father God or about Holy Spirit . . . or about myself?

What thoughts came into your mind? What pictures? What words? 

Now, ask yourself, did those thoughts fit within the principles of Scripture? And if they did not, let them go, let them fall away, right now. But if they did, if your thoughts pointed you toward lies that need to be broken, toward wounds that need to be healed, then let’s invite Jesus in. Let’s invite Jesus to restore what’s been broken in your life.

Jesus, I renounce the lies I’ve been believing. With the authority I have because you dwell inside me, I take the lies that have made my faith small, and I break them, in your name. I break them now. And I ask You to come, come with a season of teaching and a season of healing. Teach me what is true. Take me by the hand and show me. And care for my wounds. Heal the wounds that gave rise to these lies. Heal the wounds that were made worse by my wrong beliefs and my wrong actions. I want a deeper relationship with You, a deeper union—and I want to join You in Your work, in the restoration of all things. But restore me first, Jesus. Do the impossible in me.

Now, stay in this moment for a bit longer. Stay here in the presence of Jesus. And consider His goodness and power—and His . . . inevitability. There’s a new album coming out from one of our favorite bands: Iron Bell Music. The title track on the album is called “Glory to Glory,” and in the song there is this line: “If it’s not beautiful yet, it’s gonna be.” 

He is going to restore what’s broken—in your life and in the world. For He who began these good works, will bring them to completion.


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Divine Restoration // Step Into Your Divine Role

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