Devotions for Dog Moms

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I Will Love You

My friend, Lynn, had been excited all day long. A special delivery was flying in for her and she couldn’t wait. She was supposed to pick the delivery up early in the after-noon, but there was a flight delay. Then there was another delay, and another, until it was after midnight that she headed to the airport.

She was tired but excited to meet the newest members of her family—two rescue dogs. Both had been mistreated and abandoned. Lynn knew they had scars, both physically and emotionally. She was nervous about the days ahead, but ever since she’d seen their photos and read their stories on the adoption center’s website, she’d known they were her dogs. Without even meeting them, she’d fallen in love with the pair. Her heart was touched and pained by all they’d been through.

After a long travel day, the dogs were tired and nervous as well. Lynn spoke softly to them and stroked their fur with gentle hands. She whispered, “I know things have been bad in the past, but you have a forever home with me now, and I’m going to show you nothing but kindness and love. You’ll see.”

It took a while for the wounded dogs to trust her, but as time went by and she fed them and gave them loving attention, they began to thrive. Their once lackluster fur gleamed from her care. Their tails wagged with joy, and they played with carefree abandon. They knew they were loved.

In much the same manner, the Almighty God looked down from heaven and spotted us, wounded by circumstances and desperate for someone to love us. His heart was touched by us and pained by all we’d been through. He whispered, “I know things have been bad in the past, but I have a forever home for you, and I love you enough that I gave my life for you. You are mine.”

With tender care, he brought joy into our lives. He fed us with mercy and grace. His gentle, nail-scarred hands brought healing into our once-wounded hearts. And we knew we were loved.

Dear Lord, the wounds of my past have affected me in so many ways. There have been times when I felt like I was on the fringe as I watched others who were loved and whose lives seemed so blessed. Then you stepped into my life and showed me that I could trust you. You treated me with kindness and patience, even though I messed up so many times. You healed the broken places in my heart and filled them with your love. How do I even begin to express my gratitude? Words don’t suffice. Thank you for the gift of your love and the promise of a forever home with you.

Paws to think:

How has the assurance of God’s love changed you?

Did you know:

There are nearly fourteen thousand animal shelters and rescue groups across North America.