Walk By Faith

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Some years ago my eldest son, Andy, and I were growing seed maize during a drought. We had planted the maize by faith, and just enough rain had fallen for it to germinate. But then the land became drier by the day, and the maize started to shrink.

Early one morning, after his quiet time with the Lord, Andy went out to the field, dropped to his knees, and prayed that God would send rain to save the crop. By midday, big, heavy, black clouds full of rain had come up over the horizon, but they didn’t come far enough. Andy could see the white sheets of rain coming down everywhere but where we needed them. Excitement became despondency, even anger.

Andy went back to the office and opened up his Bible to the place he had been reading earlier that morning – Ecclesiastes 11:4: “He who observes the wind will not sow, and he who regards the clouds will not reap.” God’s message could not have been clearer! Andy repented of having a heart of unbelief and asked God to forgive him. Then he carried on working. That night, sure enough, a gentle rain started to fall. The crop was saved.

When we do our very best and leave the rest in His hands, every drought will end with rain.

Dear Lord Jesus, You bless me every day, and yet I still find it difficult to fully trust You. Please help me to walk by faith, no matter the circumstances, always trusting that You will come through for me. Amen.