Restore The Roar

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DAY ONE: Courage Starts With Trust

When was the last time you asked yourself, Whom or what do I trust? God desires that we trust Him. Yet many of us live with very little trust of God in the midst of fear.

Fear is most often based on our perception of what may happen rather than what is actually happening.

We may fear for our future when we have no trust in our financial situation, or fear for our marriage when trust has been lost. We fear failure when we have not succeeded in past situations or when we feel ill-equipped.

Fear exerts significant influence over behavior, decisions, mental health, and relationships with others. But we were created to overthrow the kingdom of darkness. I truly believe there is a supernatural shift taking place in the kingdom of God.

Those who have lived in fear are beginning to realize they are God’s lions. They are engaging in the battle once again because the need for fierce warriors is great. Your family, your friends, and your city need you back in the battle.

Let your roar, your declaration of victory, be heard in the land!