9 Common Lies Christians Believe: Part 3 Of 3

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We naturally want to “believe in ourselves”

In fact, from a very early age we’re taught this is good self-esteem. However, we’re created to believe in Someone bigger than ourselves. 

At the core of believing in ourselves is our desire to be in control. However, if you attempt to live life believing in yourself, you will be trapped by discouragement, fear, anxiety, and worry. The pressure of trying to be in control of all situations will set you up to be eventually knocked out by the hardships of life. Living in this world can pack a punch that may put you on the mat, but it can’t move God off His throne. 

You were not made to believe in yourself, because you were not made to be in control. You were made to believe in Someone else. You were made to trust Someone else to be in control. That is ultimately what faith is—trusting in the One who sits on the throne as King. 

There is wonderful freedom in living this way. It takes all the pressure off of you and places it on the One who can handle it. A great thing about believing in God and trusting Him with your life is that He does not struggle with the same things you and I do. He never gets stressed, anxious, or worried. He is in control of all things, has a plan and purpose, and is strong enough to see it through. We will fail. He never does. We will make mistakes. He never does. We will make a mess of things. He never does. We will make mistakes. He never does. He can be trusted. Time and time again He has proven Himself. But to believe in Him means we have to let go. Letting go means we can no longer hold on to it. Whatever that “it” is for you, it’s time to place it in the hands of God and let go of it. 

Faith steps in the moment you let go. 

Questions for Reflection: 

What areas of your life do you try to control?

What is one thing in your life—just one—that you can turn over to God this week?


You were not created to “believe in yourself”. You were created to believe in Someone bigger than yourself.