Fight For You

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Let God Fight For You. 

According to Strong’s Concordance, the Hebrew word for “fight” is “lacham” (H3898) which means, “To do battle or to make war.” Together as a couple, make the decision not to fight or to make war against one another. The war is not within the walls of your marriage. The battle is against the enemy and against every trap and tactic that he sets up against you. Use your time and energy to fight the enemy instead of fighting each other. Hold your peace and fight together. 

Choose to make peace and allow God to guide and lead your house. Choose to let God lead your words and actions. Let God guide the heart and course of your marriage. Let God guide your thoughts and hold your peace. Before you speak — choose to hold your peace. Before you act out of character — hold your peace. Before you sow your words recklessly — choose to let God lead your words and impart peace. Sow into the heart of your spouse. Sow peace and not discord. Let God rest within the heart of your marriage.