Hold Your Peace

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Jehovah Shalom‬‬

Build an altar of peace. In moments of fear, chaos and confusion let God lead your heart and actions. Let God guide and soften your heart. In Judges‬ ‭6:24‬ ‭KJV‬‬, Gideon built an altar to God. After Gideon’s moment of peace, Gideon chose to honor God and constructed an altar as a reminder to him and to all generations that followed him that God is Peace — Jehovah-Shalom. That altar was a generational reminder (a continual reminder) that God gave Gideon peace in a moment of fear. God will deliver you from all of your fears. Let God give you His Peace. Like Gideon, God can give you Peace — if you trust Him. Choose to surrender to Him. 

If you are facing the battle of your life, or you’re going through a storm — be reminded that God is Peace. He is Jehovah Shalom. Choose to hold on to Peace. For God is Peace. Choose to build altars and reminders of peace. Let God establish your pathway and lead your heart. 

No matter what corporate hallway you’re walking through, no matter the government hall you’re serving in, no matter the institution or organization — let God be your peace. Choose to hold on to Him. Let God lead your lips and actions. For He is your advocate. He will fight for you. God will go before you. God will defend you. Choose to hold on to Peace. 

God is full of Peace. For He is Peace.  Let God direct your path. 

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