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Open Hands, Willing HeartSample

Open Hands, Willing Heart

DAY 3 OF 5

Recalibrating the Heart

Having a willing heart means that we release our tight grip on what we think will give us security. Our willing hearts overcome apathy and let go of entitlement, refusing to settle for anything less than what God wants for us. Our willing hearts depend on God rather than on our limited resources. Our willing hearts learn the rhythms of restorative rest. Our willing hearts extend forgiveness to others as we walk in the forgiveness we receive in Christ. Our willing hearts trust that God’s timing is perfect and that the times when He tells us no or to wait are never haphazard or cruel. Our willing hearts serve by faith, often not knowing what will be the outcome of our sacrifices and choices. And our willing hearts walk by faith through the doors God opens and follow whatever path He lays out, even if it looks nothing like what we planned. 

But where do we start to align ourselves more closely with God’s will? Believing the center of God’s will is the best place to be is one thing; living out that belief in our daily lives is another. 

A few years ago, on a flight out of California, I sat next to a man who kept looking out the window of the plane with more than usual interest. As we got acquainted, I learned he piloted smaller planes as a hobby and often flew out of our airport. He shared with me how the runway identifying numbers need to be adjusted as the earth’s magnetic poles gradually shift over time. The compass the airplanes use always points to magnetic north, but the numbers no longer accurately reflect the magnetic heading of the runways as the magnetic poles change position.

The same shifting is true of us. Our hearts need regular recalibration to stay in line with God’s will. We become recalibrated as we lift our eyes off self and circumstances and turn our attention wholly to God. Letting go of whatever we might be holding on to requires trust. Not trust in ourselves or in particular outcomes, but trust in the One who loves us and promises to catch us if we fall.

Is there an area of your life right now that feels at odds with God’s will for you? If so, ask God to better align your heart posture with His purposes for you. 



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About this Plan

Open Hands, Willing Heart

Following Jesus isn’t a decision to obey rules but a decision to live in relationship with Him, surrendered to His will. For the next five days, we’ll look at what it means to live out that posture of surrender. Because ...


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