Fathers And Sons

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If you as a father are a man with low moral standards, then your son will eventually become just like you. However, if you are a man of extremely high, Godly standards, your son will most likely grow up to be a righteous man. It’s such an important principle to live what you preach, to act out what you tell your children. If you do that, they will have a greater change of never departing from the faith.

To illustrate my point: How many times have you seen that the captain of the national rugby team has a son who also becomes captain; or, if not captain, then definitely a player. Why is this? Because he emulates his father!

I have met many, many generations of farmers. The father, the grandfather and the grandsons are all farmers. And so it goes on, because as the son grows up, he will emulate his father. If the father is a good farmer, the son will probably be a good farmer as well. If the father is a poor farmer, greater chance the son will also grow up to be a poor farmer. 

Hence, the most important point of all is this: If a father is a good husband and a good father to his children, when that young man grows up he will desire to be exactly the same. He too will be a good husband, and a good father to his children.