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Moving from Bible Curiosity to Bible Confidence

Do you want to know the Bible better?

You’re not alone. You’re not even in the minority. Eighty percent of people in church want to know the Bible better. Surprisingly, the desire may be even stronger in those outside the church. In a recent survey here in Phoenix, 60 percent of those who said they were interested in the Bible were not connected with any church. 

There’s a reason so many people want to know the Bible better: they know the Bible will make them better. Bible engagement improves your self-esteem, family dynamics, and social interactions. Those who move from Bible curiosity to Bible confidence are far more likely to engage their gifts in service to others for God’s glory. Bible confidence fosters social engagement, acts of compassion, and community transformation. 

But since so many people who want to know the Bible better are not in church, we can’t rely on pastors as the sole delivery system for Scripture. Lay leaders must take responsibility for bringing biblical truths to their networks at work, at home, and in the community. 

I’ve found that if we can carve out fifteen minutes a day, five days a week, for one year, we can discover the vast majority of what every preacher preaches. So this week, we’re going to dig into four of the most important passages in the Bible. Each of these passages is like a trajectory that runs the length of the Bible. By understanding any single verse in our exploration this week, you’ll be able to master dozens of other verses that reflect the same spiritual principle. My hope is that as you better understand these four passages, your spirit will be hungry for more in the weeks and months ahead.

Welcome to the journey from curiosity to confidence. You are building a firm framework for being an ambassador of Jesus Christ to a world hungering for truth that transforms.

Because the truth is, you’re more needed now than ever. Our culture is reeling from the demise of biblical literacy. As you gain confidence, you’ll find yourself at the epicenter of God’s solution in your own circle of influence. God has designed you uniquely for such a time as this. 

What is your level of confidence in Bible knowledge right now? When has a particular verse or passage in the Bible increased your compassion for someone else or improved your self-esteem?