Stained Glass: Eve's Story

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The Goodness of God


For You

God created this world for us to enjoy. To enjoy nature, to enjoy life, and to enjoy a relationship with Him. His creation was perfect! Adam and Eve enjoyed everything the Garden had to offer. The Garden of Eden points to the goodness of God, who lovingly created a place where His children could enjoy peace, harmony, and an unfiltered relationship with their creator. Adam and Eve’s story is a preface to our story. God wants the same relationship with you that He had with Adam and Eve: One in which we can experience His goodness and love.


For Your Child

Ask this Question: What does creation tell you about God? (spend a few minutes discussing the answers)

God is good. He is. He loves you and desires a relationship with you. God knows everything there is to know about you, and He wants you to know him. When you look at a majestic mountain or the endless ocean, you are seeing the power and might of God. When you sit in the soft grass or play in a gentle stream, you are feeling His tenderness. If you ever wonder whether or not God loves you, just look at the world He made.

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