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How to be a Christian at Your Work – Part 1 of 2Sample

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How to be a Christian at Your Work – Part 1 of 2

DAY 1 OF 6

In this 6-day Bible plan, we uncover the first of two key ideas to help us live as a Christian at work.  

The first idea is this:  Just be NICER

This might sound strange, but there’s a key idea behind each letter of the word N-I-C-E-R for us to discover in this study plan.

Today, we start with the letter “N” which stands for “No compromises”, and check-in with Daniel of the Old Testament.

Daniel was one of the talented, young men taken into exile in Babylon, the capital city of Assyria. The Babylonians put Daniel and some of his friends into a training program to indoctrinate them so that they might help rule the Jewish people whom they were holding in captivity. 

Think of it as mandatory management training. 

Being taken into the leadership training program is always a good opportunity, back then just as it is today. It was surely much better than forced labor and could lead Daniel to a job with good potential.

But as part of the training program, Daniel and his friends are asked to abandon their dietary standards and beliefs (think “no pork”) in favor of the meals as prescribed by the king of Babylon himself. 

Daniel’s predicament was not too different from a situation that we might encounter today – where we may be asked to compromise our core values or set aside our beliefs to follow company policy, procedure or culture.

But read Daniel 1:8-14 to see what Daniel does… 

He doesn’t just give up on his beliefs to fall in line, but instead comes up with a creative plan to protect his personal beliefs, and in the process of doing so, protect his supervisor also. 

Like Daniel, we too should strive for “No compromises” at our work—not by being rigid in our beliefs or inflexible in our way of working, but by combining a secure stance in our faith with an acceptable and smart way that still can meet our company’s demands. 

Just like Daniel did.

It may require a little creativity, a firm foundation of faith and some prayer, but the same God who helped Daniel in his situation can help you too.

All we need to do is ask! 



Lord, help me to stand firm in my faith, even when I am tempted to stay silent or asked to just blend in. Grant me wisdom and insight to live like Daniel, so that I may both please my employer and glorify you each and every day. Amen.



Do you face pressure or demands to make compromises or set aside your beliefs at work?

Can you think of a way to still achieve company policy or objectives while remaining true to your convictions?

Do you think God can help you do this at your work? If so, start with prayer. 


About this Plan

How to be a Christian at Your Work – Part 1 of 2

Living out your faith at work is challenging and difficult, especially in the secular workplace. We are often encouraged to leave our faith and beliefs at home. But that isn’t at all what we are called to do as Christ-f...


We would like to thank Roland Heersink and God & Work for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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