Seeing The Big Picture Of Your Purpose

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Getting the context (or the big picture) of what you are trying to do is critical to accomplishing your dream and your purpose. Proverbs 29:18 tells us in a straight-forward manner that when people lack "vision" - they will not go far at all. Seeing the Big Picture involves living life with a vision.

Once when I was teaching graduate school, I held a contest between the guys and the girls in my classroom. The contest consisted of putting a puzzle together. Both teams thought that they could win until I threw in one unique caveat. I decided to give the girls the lid of the puzzle box that had the image they were trying to make. The guys did not have anything to look at in order to guide them.

Can you guess who won the contest? Yes, you are right. The girls won by a landslide! This is because without the big picture to guide you, it is difficult to put the small, random pieces together in a way that makes sense. 

The same principle holds true for your dream and purpose. Without the big picture of God’s dream placed as a vision in your heart, you may look at each piece, day, circumstance in your life and neglect to recognize how they connect together. Without connecting them, you wind up moving from circumstance to circumstance without the benefit of building (or connecting) them together.  

Likewise, when you only focus on the present pieces, you experience a greater level of fear and intimidation concerning moving forward. 

The Big Picture Of Your Dream

Answer and reflect on these questions.

1. What do you think is the number one reason people do not pursue their dreams? 

2. In what ways have your thoughts held you back from pursuing your dreams?

3. List some projections/fears you have that are tied to your dreams and that hinder you from pursuing it fully?

4. You must want the dream more than you don’t want the feelings of fear in order to push past your comfort zone. You are making a choice by answering these two questions: Do I want the dream? Or do I want to feel secure? Answer these two questions and explain why.

5. Spend some time praying about and thinking through the “big picture” of what your dream is.