Promises From Jesus

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Promises can be really hard to keep. People break promises all the time, leaving us disappointed and unsure. So maybe it’s hard to believe that God always keeps his promises. No one else does, how could he?

But that’s the thing. He’s God. So he absolutely, 100 percent not only can keep his promises, he does keep his promises. Every single one of them. The Bible is full of stories where God said he would do something, and then he did exactly that. 

The book of Numbers says it is impossible for God to lie. That means if God says he will do something, you can be sure that he will do it. In other words, God keeps his promises. And remember, Jesus means “God with us,” so if Jesus makes a promise, it’s God making that promise.

In John 10, Jesus made a promise that might be The. Best. Promise. Ever. 

He promised that no one will ever take you away from him.

It might seem a little strange because it sounds like he's talking about sheep. But Jesus often used sheep as a symbol of people. When he talks about "my sheep," he means people who have said, “Yes! I want to follow Jesus.” 

He said that “no one can snatch them away from me.” (John 10:28)

“No one” means NO ONE – not somebody else and not you. 

So if it feels like you’ve messed up, like Jesus must not want anything to do with you, remember this promise. 

If your circumstances are so hard that it feels like God has forgotten you, remember this promise.

If you go days without thinking about him, and assume he must have given up on you, remember this promise.

Jesus promised to never let go. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever. You are his for eternity.


How does it make you feel to know that no one can ever take you away from Jesus?


When is it hard to believe this promise is real?