Day 1 of 3 • This day’s reading


What is the worst way you have ever been woken up? 

Your dog licking your face? Fog horn? Mariachi Band? Chocolate waterfall? 

Mariachi fog horn chocolate dog?

Sometimes waking up is a terrible thing. Well, let's be real, waking up is almost always a terrible thing. But there are times in life, when waking up can be the best thing. And we don’t just mean waking up on the morning of an exciting day. 

Sometimes we ‘wake up’ by learning new ideas, or learning new truths we never knew. Ideas are powerful things and the right ideas can awaken us to a more beautiful life.

What if I told you that you might be sleeping right through a deeper, more full version of life and reality? Wouldn’t you want to wake up and come alive to God’s best life for you?

When we are young, so often we are tempted to follow the impulses that our bodies and minds naturally have. However, as the Ephesians reading teaches us, we cannot always trust these natural impulses. We are not only human bodies, we are human beings. That means we have an invisible, spiritual side to us that is incredibly important. But since we can’t always see it, sometimes we forget to care for it. To feed and water our spirit just like we feed our physical bodies.

The truth is, if you don’t personally know Christ, you are just breathing to death. As Paul’s letter in Ephesians reminds us, without Christ, we are still dead in our sin and disobedience to God. The incredible news though is that by grace, we can be forgiven and come alive, truly alive, with Christ.  

We want to invite you to AWAKEN to the spiritual dimension to who you are. We want you to AWAKEN to the good news of Jesus’ great love for you and that in Him all things can be made new. 

Over the next couple days in this reading plan, we will explore two big ideas: 

1) Awakening to Jesus happens best by reading the Bible and 

2) You will awaken to God exponentially faster within Christian community.

We wrote this 3-day reading journey to be a spark in your life. To be a glass of fresh water for your soul - a jolt, that will hopefully awaken you to the deeper things of God. So our challenge is that you keep that Ephesians 2 passage on replay as we dive in!


Closing Prayer: Dear Jesus, please help me awaken to who you are and who I am in you. Wake me up radically to new life in you. Amen.