[Maximum Joy Series] The Fruit of Fellowship

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The Cancer of Sin

In this series of devotionals, we have been studying the New Testament book of 1 John. It is a letter written by the apostle John to the church. By carefully reading and examining this letter, we can understand that as Christians we are able to be sure of our salvation and position before God. We have been forgiven of our sins and justified by the blood of Jesus. 

Nevertheless, the relationship that we have with our Heavenly Father can be one of complete joy, in fellowship, or not. This means that there are barriers that can prevent us from enjoying and having a close and intimate relationship with God. The main barriers John has introduced to us are: our sins, our relational problems with our brothers and sisters, and our enemies—the world and the devil.

In this devotional plan, John will further develop his explanation about the potential barriers that can hinder our fellowship with God. Just as one small coagulated blob of blood can clog up the arteries to the heart and cause you to die, one small sin in your life, that you know about, can rob you of your spiritual vitality and hinder your fellowship with God. It would not rob you of heaven, but it can rob you of the full, abundant life Jesus wants you to have on earth. And that’s what John is trying to prevent at this point in his letter.

John warns us regarding the character of sin (3:4): all sin is wickedness, that is the very nature of sin itself. There are no levels or degrees to sin. Sin is sin. Lurking behind “the pleasure of sin” is a fatal poison. Sometimes, because sin seems inevitable for human beings, we like to white-wash it, make it light, excuse it. John makes it crystal clear: sin is just plain wicked.

After the warning, John deals with the cancellation of sin (3:5). Jesus came to earth to take away our sins, and in Him there is no sin. For this reason, we should also desire to be clean in our daily walk. Known sin in the condition of a believer is incongruous with Christ’s purpose and Christ’s purity. Jesus is pure and He lives within us. Cleanliness should be a priority in our lives because known sin in the life of a believer is a contradiction. 

If you abide in Jesus (3:6), sin is not an option for you. You simply cannot have fellowship with Him and also sin, just as light has no relationship with darkness. You cannot have both at the same time; one is the absence of the other. If you are Christian in close fellowship with Jesus, you want sin out of your life. It is a contradiction to claim fellowship with God and to sin continuously without remorse, confession, or repentance. 

John calls us to sobriety with a biopsy of the malignant tumor of sin, but he also reminds us that our Savior came into this world to take sin away. Let us walk and abide in Jesus, free from sin and experiencing complete joy!