Being Changed By The Power Of Prayer (UK)

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The Beauty of Prayer

If you’re reading this plan, you’re likely seeking prayer for something. Whether you need healing, guidance, wisdom, or something else, you realize that the answer is beyond you. You need the power of God and the power of prayer. 

As much as this may feel difficult, this specific time in your life has the potential to push you into a deep, meaningful relationship with the true saviour of humanity, Jesus Christ, and the primary way we foster that relationship is through the act of prayer.

On paper, prayer feels simple: you bow your head and close your eyes and bring your cares to God, but in practice, prayer can be confusing, can’t it? Questions start to arise when we actually begin to act on prayer: What actually happens when we pray? How can we pray in meaningful, productive ways? And perhaps most necessary, what is prayer in the first place?

These are the kinds of questions we will look at in this study, but before we dive into them, we can rest in the simple fact that God cares about your prayers. When we don’t know what to pray, the right things to say or fully understand why we should pray, He still listens, and He still cares. The Bible tells us that even when we don’t know what to pray, He helps us (Romans 8:26).

The Creator of Heaven and Earth, the saviour of humanity, the God that is love cares about you and your needs, and the Bible makes this clear. 

As you read the verses for today, think about how wonderful it is that God is a God who cares for His people so deeply.