Single, Ready To Mingle

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Before God brought Adam into the presence of a woman, the Creator brought the man into His presence first. Make no mistake, God could have made Eve on the same day He made Adam. He is Almighty God, He could have created Adam and Eve at the same time. Why did God wait before He created Eve? Why did God create a season of singleness for Adam?

Have you noticed that Adam was single before sin came into the world? That tells me that singleness is not sin or some sickness. It’s a season planned by God for a purpose. I believe God did not bring Adam a wife right away in order to show the generations to come God’s plan for relationships. Relationship with God comes first. Living in His presence is the foundation for every other relationship. You must be comfortable while being single with God, or you will never be at peace with someone else.

In fact, Adam was so lost in God’s presence that he did not know that he was alone. Think about this, God comes to Adam and says, ‘You are alone, Adam. You need someone.’ It was not Adam who came crying to God saying, ‘Lord, please, if you love Me, send someone to be with me.’ If you are desperate for a date, perhaps you have not discovered God’s presence yet. Adam did not tell God he was lonely – in fact, he didn’t even know he was alone! God had to remind Adam. You need to be so lost in the Holy Spirit that He has to remind you that you are alone.

People ask me all the time, “When will I be ready to date?” My answer always is, “When you don’t need to!” You are ready to date when you don’t need to. As long as you NEED to date to fill a hole in your heart, fix a broken heart, run from daddy issues, or overcome an addiction, then you are not ready to date. What you really need is the Holy Spirit.  When you seek Him, He makes you whole. Then the issue of dating will become a matter of WANT, not NEED.