Jesus You Alone

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What comes to mind when you think of a shepherd? It’s easy to picture a beautiful, green meadow with sheep peacefully grazing while the shepherd dozes in the sunshine. In the Bible, a shepherd’s reality consisted of long hot days, cold nights of standing watch, and the constant threat of predators. 

In John 10, we see Jesus compare His followers to sheep and Himself to the shepherd. When we examine the role of Jesus as the shepherd of our lives and see ourselves as His sheep, we begin to see Him as the leader, defender, and caretaker of us (Psalm 23). 

Peter describes the same role in 1 Peter 2:25, and declares that the people 'have returned to the Shepherd of their souls.' This is a reminder that no matter where we are in our walk as a follower of Jesus, He is a God who is ALWAYS there, ready to receive a repentant heart. He is ready and willing to be the shepherd of our souls!

As we journey through these thoughts and songs together, remember that when we allow Jesus to be the Shepherd of our souls, we are surrendering to His best for our lives: His leadership, His protection and His care! 

Take a moment and listen to the song Shepherd. Ask God to be the Shepherd of your soul today. Recall to mind every good gift, from breath to blessings, and thank Him for His guidance in your life today.