Stepping Out In Faith Toward Your Life's Calling

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Overcoming, Even With Your Weaknesses

I love to see God do the miraculous.  I can jump on board with encouraging others to reach their dreams and destinies.  God has certainly given me a great portion of faith to believe for the things not seen but hoped for.  

I had always thought that there was no downside to being able to believe for the miraculous, but it seemed I often made a mess of things with my great faith.   Something didn’t seem quite right, but I wasn’t sure what it was.  My pastor was praying for me and said, “Cathy, God has given you an extra portion of faith, but because of your faith, you step out too quickly and it has caused a lot of pain.”  I knew immediately what he was saying was correct.  I also knew that I had caused pain not only to others but to myself.  

I had to start taking a good look at myself, my actions and the consequences.  I had to realize that I had been impatient which led many times to being disobedient. What good was it to have great faith if I didn’t use it properly?

I believe that if we are going to be effective in the Kingdom of God then we certainly need to ask God to help us where we are weak. Here is something my husband and I pray together each day: “Father, help us not to get ahead of You or lag behind You, but help us to stay in step with You.”  We have learned to pray this prayer every day because we have some battle wounds that came from stepping out on our own and not waiting on God. 

I was reminded about the power of acknowledging my weaknesses by listening to my children.  My oldest son, who was a baseball power hitter, was giving my daughter batting advice when she was playing college softball.  He told her, "You have to know your weaknesses to be successful.  I know that I'm going to get inside pitches thrown to me, because that's my biggest weakness.  I have to prepare for it because every pitcher I face knows my weakness and is going to throw the ball inside.  I also know that every now and then I'm going to get ahold of one and crush it!"  

It is easy to let your weaknesses paralyze you, but what if you take those weaknesses to God and let Him shine strong in you.

Good news: God loves us and wants to use us even with our weaknesses!

Questions to ask yourself:

Do you know your weaknesses?  If so, do you find it easy to admit them?

Do you remember giving up on a dream because you believed you were not qualified enough to make it happen?   

What amazing dream do you want to believe, with God’s strength, you can accomplish?